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Time spent in the swimming pool during the summer months can be a great way to introduce children to the water whilst keeping them occupied.  Taking children for a swim may not prove sufficient enough to keep their attention for long enough so introducing games to your swimming sessions can be a successful alternative that will keep them entertained for hours.  Games played in the swimming pool can also be a great way to introduce children who are scared of the water to swimming lessons or to simply spice up a party.  If children are having fun, not only will it keep them entertained for a longer period of time but it will also provide them with a form of exercise that is healthier than sitting in front of the television all summer long.  Most modern games can be modified so that they can be played in the swimming pool; all that is needed is a little imagination.  Below are some of the most common games to be played in the swimming pool, so what are you waiting for?

Safety Note:

It is important that all games played in the swimming pool are supervised by an adult and preferably played in the shallow end.  Ensure all participants are aware of where the shallow and the deep end are.

Marco Polo

Marco polo is a fun game that both children and adults can get involved in.  Marco polo is a little like ‘you’re it’ that you used to play in the playground at school, just based in the water.  One person is designated as ‘it’ and is either blindfolded or has to keep their eyes closed (no peeking).  The person designated as ‘it’ shouts out the name ‘Marco’.  Everyone else involved in the game replies with the name ‘polo’.  By using their voices as hints to their whereabouts in the swimming pool, the designated ‘it’ goes after the other players.  Once someone else has been tagged they become ‘it’ and the game starts over again.  You can customise this game to use the names of two children instead of Marco and polo, just to make things a little more personal.

Underwater treasure hunt

To play this game, scatter toys or objects along the bottom of the swimming pool.  Ensure you only play this game in the shallow end where young children are concerned.  One object can stand out from the rest in being the ‘top prize’ and whoever collects this object will receive a gift.  When playing this game with small children it is advisable to use nets to collect the objects rather than to encourage the children to duck dive underwater.  On completion of the game the children can go away with some new toys and everyone is happy.

Water Polo

Even if you don’t have goals and a net handy you can still enjoy this game in the swimming pool.  This game is best played in the shallow end unless you fancy spicing it up a little and venturing into deeper water.  Set up 2 marked goals either end, this is often easier when playing width ways in the shallow end of the swimming pool.  All players are free to move within the water unless you are in contact of the ball at the time.  When you are in contact of the ball, you can either pass it to another player so they can score a goal or try to take a shot yourself.  This is a game you can make your own and rules can be set to suit the crowd.

Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is identical to volleyball played on the beach, just in water!  All that is needed to start off a game of pool volleyball is a ball, a net and 2 teams of equal numbers located on opposite sides of the net.  Just try to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible to start clocking in the points.

Shoulder Wars

To play this game, all players must be allocated into pairs with one being the ‘vehicle’ and the other being the ‘attacker’.  The attacker (best allocated to being the smaller or lighter of the 2) is to sit on the shoulders of the person playing the ‘vehicle’ and the idea of the game is to knock the other members off the shoulders of their partner.  The person at the bottom cannot use their hands or feet to affect the outcome of the game and caution must be taken so that the person who gets knocked into the water does not incur any injuries on the sides of the pool.  The last pair standing is the winner.

Relay Races

Relay races can be great fun and are perfect when faced with a mixed group of both adults and children.  With relay races you are faced with windows of opportunities and can create your own games in a matter of minutes.  How about moving a ball from one end of the pool to the other with your nose or riding on an inflatable toy to the other end of the pool?  The first team to complete the task for all members is the winner.  Obstacle courses can also be great fun and inflatable objects, hoops and dive sticks can all be used to make the game all the more interesting.


Another land based game that can be modified to take place in the water.  Although you can’t bounce the ball on the floor, you could hold a shooting competition and see who makes the most shots.


Who can make the biggest splash? Another game suitable for both adults and children to play or compete against one another.  Whoever makes the biggest or most impressive splash wins!

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