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Some amazing 2018 pool trends that are happening are; fire features, more water features, knife-edge pools, glass tile, sloped entries and ledges, and LED lighting.

water features

Waterfalls and fountains are showing up more and more in pool designs. This includes being able to adjust the settings such as; water-flow, pressure and height settings. Some other water features people are requesting include fountain bubblers, water scones, and grottos behind waterfalls. Along with the additional water features are LED lighting for extra drama and functionality.

Fire Features

Want something to spice things up in your backyard? Add fire and water into your landscaping with really make it pop! Some new trends include adding fire bowls to pool designs; several small fire pits around the edge of the pool, into a decorative wall, volcano fire pits for tropical landscapes, cauldrons, and fire bowls. If you have the budget you can really take the fire features wherever your mind can wonder.

Knife-edge pools

Knife-edge pools, or Lautner knife-edge pools, slot-edge pools, wet edge pools, and perimeter pools are the type of pool that has water sitting at the same level as the pool deck and flows into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter to create a mirror-surface effect. The knife-edge pools, found in more luxury pool applications, look similar to infinity pools and are more complicated. If you are wanting to have the knife-edge pool, make sure that your contractor knows and has experience in Lautner-edge pool construction.

Glass Tile

One of the hottest trends is using glass tile. There are a couple of ways to install the glass tile; install them in a band around the water line or use them to line the entire inside of the pool. Tile is often considered more durable than ceramic or porcelain and they come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. When thinking about where to place the glass tiles, make sure to note that they are very slippery so placing them on walking surfaces may be dangerous.

Sloped Entries and Ledges

Sloped entry also known as beach entry or zero entry pools are growing in popularity. This kind of pool is designed where one or more of the pool’s sides gradually slope into the water, allowing swimmers to enter the pool slowly. Sometimes pool owners decide to do this to accommodate their children, elderly or disabled. Ledges or baja shelves are an alternative to beach entries or stairs. Ledges and shelves allow for a few lounge chairs for relaxation in the water without complete submersion.

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